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Whether you are a home or business owner in Aurora, our electricians are unsurpassed when it comes to electrical repair, installation, or emergency services. When you need a same day electrician for a serious or urgent issue, our electricians will be there immediately to provide unparalleled service. We are available 24/7 for any electrical need no matter how minor or serious. You can also count on our highly skilled and trained staff when you have electric issues related to your AC, furnace, or HVAC system.

Why settle for less than a top rated electrician for your residential or commercial needs? With our competitive prices you never have to compromise on quality. At Rocky Mountain Service Professionals you will always feel confident knowing that your needs are being taken care of by the best electrician in the business. In need of an electrician for breaker panel replacement, or need your home's wiring replaced? Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to wiring and electrical components. You will feel confident knowing your home or business does not present fire or safety hazards.

A BBB electrician with our team will provide you not only with unparalleled service, but dedication to a job well done. Looking for a solar contractor? Our Aurora electricians take care of it all, from installation and repairs to maintenance and replacement. Proper wiring of HVAC, AC, and furnace systems is essential as well; you can put all of your electrician needs in highly capable hands!

When you are searching for a Aurora electrician near me and live in the Aurora area, you want the best Aurora electrician available to take care of your needs. From aluminum wiring repairs or replacement to breaker panel replacement and more, our Aurora electricians are committed to taking care of all your electrical needs in Aurora to that you enjoy a safe, properly functioning home. With $75 off Aurora electrical repairs for those who qualify, military and senior discounts, and Aurora master electricians with 20-30+ years of experience, you can feel confident that you chose wisely when you trust our team with your needs! Need an emergency electrician or 24 hr electrician for an issue when it is outside of normal working hours such as on a weekend or at night? No problem. With 24 hr emergency services you can have peace of mind should an unexpected situation arise.

Electrical & Safety Inspections Aurora CO

When was the last time you had your home electrical system inspected by a licensed and trained Aurora electrician? If you have to think about it, well it’s been way too long! The National Fire Protection Association, which is comprised of over 6,000 industry professionals which include electrical engineers, electrical inspectors, arson investigators, fire marshals and many other industry leaders to ensure safety and reduce injuries and deaths caused by structure fires. The NFPA recommends an annual inspection of your electrical system and components to make sure they are in safe operational order preventing premature failure of devices and distribution panels and much more. Our safety inspections are based off of the NFPA 73 requirements, so that we can provide the most complete electrical inspection. A Aurora electrical inspection might be one of the last items you think about when considering home maintenance. There are a host of reasons why you should schedule a whole-house wiring inspection with Rocky Mountain Service Professionals, but the most important is your ongoing safety. Outdated or incorrectly installed electrical wiring in your Aurora home can cause a potential fire hazard. Having a professional Aurora electrician inspect your entire home wiring once a year can help prevent problems, which is essential to your family’s safety. These inspections can also locate wiring issues concealed in walls, attics and crawl spaces.

An electrical fire is something you want to avoid at all costs, as it puts your family, home, and all of your belongings at risk. Our top ranked Aurora electricians are highly skilled and qualified whether your power is out, you have partial power, or there are other issues that need attention. All electrical companies are NOT created equal. In addition to weekly Covid training and testing, our Aurora electricians attend weekly training on the latest installation codes and techniques. Why does this matter? You never have to worry about a return service call to "fix" what should have been done properly the first time!

If you had a safety issue wouldn’t you want to know?

How do you know if your Aurora electrical wiring needs to be inspected?
  • You completed a renovation or changed out your electric appliances.
  • You have recently purchased a new home in Aurora and need to ensure electric was properly maintained and installed.
  • Your Aurora residence is over 10 years old and hasn't yet had an electrician inspect your homes electrical components.
  • You have inconsistent lighting with dimming or flickering lights or issues with inconsistent electricity flow.
  • Your circuit breakers trip or completely blow regularly.
  • Outlets or light switches are discolored or become warm (or hot).
  • You are forced to use extension cords to use items throughout your home due to lack of outlets or issues with circuit breakers.
  • You don't have enough (or any) smoke detectors installed in your home.
What you can expect from our Aurora Electrical Safety Inspections
  • Do you have enough power properly distributed to provide enough power to all electronics, lights, appliances and comfort systems without tripping your circuits or needing extension cords?
  • Are your circuits and electric panels properly labeled and functioning properly?
  • Is your electric panel clean and free from rust or corrosive materials including water?
  • Our inspections help insure reduced risk of fire or hazards from your electric system.
  • Are you utilizing the proper sized circuit breakers in your panel?
  • Are wires properly terminated within your box helping to make sure you have proper operating temperatures?
  • Does every outlet and switch in your home work properly and provide proper power? We measure for voltage drop, connection issues, and check polarity ensuring everything is up to code.
  • Are all grounds within your home properly installed and working?
  • Do you have all required ground/arc protection as required by your local city and county code? Are they properly functioning?
  • Is your electric in your home properly protected from power surgest that can cause costly damage to your electric system and appliances / electronics?

When provided the opportunity to earn your trust, we perform Aurora’s most thorough electrical safety inspection on your house and our Aurora electricians answer all of the above questions and more.

More specific issues with older homes

As your home’s electrical components and devices age, along with new technologies that emerge, our homes must adapt to keep up. Today’s electrical systems and devices are designed for the new power demands.

  • Does your home’s circuit breaker constantly trip?
  • Have you ever found one or more of your home’s outlets often stops working when you are trying to use multiple electrical devices?
  • Is there 2 prong underground outlets scattered through your house?
  • Do you have cloth insulated wiring? Do you still have a glass fuse style panel?
  • Are there discolored outlets or outlets that have never worked?

These are just a few of the more serious issues that pose a safety threat in your home. If you answer yes or are not sure to any of those questions that you need to schedule a safety inspection.

Many home electrical systems do not have the capacity to support today’s devices and appliances. Also with all of the electronic devices that we invest thousands of dollars in around the house, older systems do not properly protect them from inconsistent voltages and power surges. These issues can cause premature failure and operation issues that can cost you lots of money.

The good news is there are many solutions to these issues like:

  • Upgrading your electrical panel and/or service
  • Grounding system modifications and upgrades
  • GFCI & AFCI protection
  • Surge Protection
  • Outlet upgrades
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detector installation
  • And much more
Surge Protection

A power surge is a fast (often lasting less than 1/20 of a second), intermittent or temporary spike in voltage on an electrical circuit or system. Theses unavoidable spikes can be generated several ways:

  • Internal surges caused by high power consuming devices like air conditioning units, motors, and appliances. While these surges are not as strong they can slowly damage sensitive equipment throughout your home like computers and televisions over time.
  • Your local power providers aging over worked utility grid. Brown outs, black outs are the most common talked about issues with the grid, however utility power systems are constantly pushed beyond their capacity, which creates an unstable and unreliable power supply for your home. The older network of utility distribution systems can generate powerful surges as they switch between sources or generate “rolling surges” when power is momentarily disrupted. While not as devastating as the next source of surges, these surges happen routinely many time without you even knowing and slowly cause damages to all the connected equipment in your home.
  • The most powerful, destructive and well know source of power surges is lightning strikes. With over 20 million ground strikes in the continental U.S. each year, at over 50,000 degrees these surges cause billions of dollars in damages each year! Don’t get caught unprotected as these surges will take out anything in their way! It does not have to be a direct hit on your house to cause havoc. When lightning hits in the general area around your home the surge spreads over the ground and can enter the house through low voltage wires like your cable or telephone lines as well as your high voltage power feeders.

This being said, we don’t have to mention how much money is spent in each household on electronics. Or, how much the average device costs, to convey the importance of a whole house surge protection. We would remind you that even though electronics are the most vulnerable items to power surges, they are not the most expensive! Think about your washer and dryer, refrigerator, furnace, and AC unit! All of items have circuit boards to operate all of the new options that come with these appliances. With the cost of protecting these investments being only a fraction of the repair/replacement cost whole house surge protection is a no brainer. Don’t get burned by the cheaper power strips that claim to protect your home and appliances from surges. Let one of our licensed electricians assess your home electrical system and determine the best surge protection options available to protect your home. All of our equipment comes with a money back guarantee if it fails to protect your home.

Electrical lighting installations

Is safety with your electrical system important? Should you respect your electrical system? Of course the answer is yes to both of those questions. We perform eloquent lighting rehabs and upgrades for your home as well! While code and safety upgrades as mentioned above are important, lighting upgrades are more tangible as you use and see them daily with your friends and family. Our trained service technicians can provide options and recommendations on all of the following:

  • Exterior security and accent lighting Aurora
  • Low voltage landscape lighting Aurora
  • State of the art LED under cabinet lighting Aurora
  • Recessed lighting Aurora
  • Installation of customer supplied ceiling fans and light fixtures Aurora
  • LED upgrades to existing fixtures Aurora
  • Foyer fixture change outs in high ceilings Aurora
  • Dimmers
  • And much more!
New outlet or circuit installation

Our trained service technicians are wiring ninjas! In many cases we can install a new outlet in your home and make it look like it was always there! From treadmills in an exercise room to table saws in the garage or a perfectly placed outlet for a floor lamp there are many times when new outlets or circuits are required. With years of experience and training we can install many new outlets with minimum to no damage to the house to properly conceal and protect your electrical wires. So, pack up the extension cords, quit tripping your breakers, and give Rocky Mountain Service Professionals a call for a free estimate on circuit installation!

Electrical Services
  • General Electrical Service, Repair & Maintenance Aurora
  • Lighting Upgrades and Installations in Aurora
  • Outdoor Accent & Security Lighting Aurora
  • Outlet Repair & Installations
  • Dedicated Circuits
  • Fuse and Breaker Box Repair & Upgrades in Aurora
  • Electrical Service Repair & Upgrades
  • Whole House Rewires
  • Basement Electrical System Installation
  • Electrical Home Inspection Repairs Aurora
  • Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector Install / Repair
  • Back-up Generator Installations
  • Emergency Electrical Service & Repair
  • 40 Point Electrical Safety Inspections Aurora
  • and much more

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